Dorset based Landscape Photographer of the year 2010 Antony Spencer

I am a photographer based in Dorset and I specialise in capturing the landscape in the best available light wherever and whenever possible.
The Beautiful Dorset coast is right on my doorstep and I love being able to take advantage of that as often as possible. In 2010 I became the U.K landscape photographer of the year after winning the Take a View Landscape photographer of the year competition.

I have always had a keen interest in photography and started taking photography more seriously in 2007 with the purchase of my first digital SLR. All the photographs on this website have been made since then, and I hope to continue adding new images as and when I achieve them.

The images on this site were made on a variety of cameras, I began in 2007 with a Canon 5d and various Canon cameras and a Fuji GX6-17 have been used since then. Currently a use a Phase One IQ180 digital back for the ultimate image quality available. I use this back on a Phase One 645 camera and also on a Linhof M679 technical camera with multiple lenses.

The panoramics were also mostly made using 35mm and medium format digital SLR's using a 360 precision panoramic head and stitching multiple images together. I especially love the stitching technique, as it allows you to achieve a completely unique photograph every time you get your camera out of the bag. Also it gives you much more freedom with what you can include in the final single image.

Some of the panoramic photographs were also captured on my Fuji GX617, 90mm fujinon lens and fuji velvia 50 film.

I hope you enjoy browsing the photographs on this site and visit again to view new work in the future.

Antony Spencer Antony Spencer photographing Aurora Borealis in northern Norway.