Ultimate Arctic Scandinavia 2017

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Join Justin Reznick and myself on a voyage of discovery exploring the very best of Arctic Scandinavia. Daylight may well be relatively short but with the sun at these latitudes we can have very dramatic skies for many hours on end.

Our journey begins in the majestic Lofoten Islands on the Arctic coastline of Norway. Here the mountains and fjords are normally frozen or snow covered and provide some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet to photograph during day and night. Over the last 8 years we have been leading tours into this phenomenal landscape and the Lofoten Islands rarely disappoint. As well as many of the more iconic locations we will explore some hidden gems that are rarely photographed. The Lofoten Islands are also sensational to observe and photograph the auroras.

After four or five nights in Finland we travel North West into Sweden and stay in the Kiruna region. Over many years David and I have have explored the region a great deal discovering many photogenic locations from which to make photographs in all kinds of light. Once again the forest is spectacular but in a different way to the forests of Finland. Here tall pine trees are covered in snow with rivers flowing through a winter wonderland and frozen rivers and lakes the options are endless. These locations are also truly world class for making images of the auroras at night. It is from the moment we arrive into Kiruna we will start to push to make images of the northern lights. The snow covered forest at these locations make perfect foreground elements to photograph the auroras. We normally find time to explore places such as the Ice Hotel in Kiruna which is also a very photogenic place for icy architecture and detailed abstracts.
From Kiruna we are ideally placed to make decisions if we need to to travel away from cloud if necessary to observe the northern lights.

The last section of the tour will be the wonderful frozen forests of Northern Finland. From our base we can photograph straight out of the doors of our accommodation with trees so encrusted in ice and snow some bend back down and touch the snow covered floor. These trees are numerous and provide spectacular photographic opportunities during daylight and and night with the milky way and stars overhead as well as a chance to photograph them with the auroras. As well as the forests around our accommodation we will venture into Riisitunturi National Park using snowshoes and walking up to the top of the fell. Here we are away from all signs of life and in a true winter wonderland wilderness.

I have now led over 45 tours to the arctic and sub-arctic in search of the northern lights and have never failed to see them on a tour. Please be aware however that if the weather is not working in our favour we will push across Scandinavia to be in the right place at the right time. This may involve a change in the itinerary to avoid bad weather which can be pretty grim in this northern part of the world in order to capitalise on photographic possibilities. If the forecast is looking particularly bad at any point of the tour Justin and I will look to make adjustments to the itinerary in order to avoid the worst of the weather. If the drive to good weather is long we may have to look at further accommodation for one or two nights, this would come at extra cost as long as the group is in agreement and this decision will only be made if it leads to much better weather and gives us photographic options.  This has served us very well over the past few years, winter storms can be very unpleasant and make photography and more importantly safe travel impossible, we will avoid these conditions wherever possible.

Flights will be into Harstad/Narvik EVE airport in Norway from your chosen location and the flight home will be from Rovaniemi in Finland. Justin and I will issue these flight details in plenty of time and recommend a suggested route with all timings finalised.

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